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About Fairfax Identity Laboratories

A full range of DNA services for human identification.

Fairfax Identity Laboratories™ is located in State College, Pennsylvania and offers a full range of human DNA identification services included forensic DNA analysis and paternity and relationship testing. Not only is Fairfax Identity Laboratories accredited by numerous national and state agencies, but we have been continuously accredited for human identity for 20 years. 

Our services include: paternity testing for child support and immigration, consultation, evaluation, location characterization of stains, extraction, amplification analysis (STR, mtDNA and Y-STR), interpretation, reporting, statistics, review and expert witness testimony. These services are offered for private cases (civil) and/or legal/criminal cases. Each forensic case is processed independently because we are committed to providing the highest quality service.

Our services have assisted police departments, state crime laboratories, attorneys, private individuals, the biotechnology industry, academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, the Department of Defense, the Center for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, federal government agencies, state government agencies and private businesses.