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DNA Testing for Immigration

AABB accredited DNA testing for immigration assistance

Individuals who prove a biological link to their relatives increase their chance of a successful application for immigration. Because identity testing in cases involving immigration may include answering questions of paternity, maternity or sibling relationships, the individualized DNA testing services offered by Fairfax Identity Laboratories are ideal for individuals applying for immigration. It must be realized, however, that DNA testing is useful only when the relationship is a genuine biological one. Some cultures have a broader definition of family relationships that are just as real in that culture but which are not demonstrable through DNA testing.

The choice of which laboratory will perform the test is entirely yours, and the embassy should not recommend one lab over another. The only requirement is that the lab be accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks, and Fairfax Identity Laboratories has been accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks since 1992 for their DNA testing for immigration services. Consequently, we are highly qualified to provide your genetic testing services. We meet or exceed all of the requirements of the State Department to provide the testing you need to assist your beneficiary in obtaining entry into the United States. Fairfax Identity Laboratories customizes the collection of biological specimens based on the relationship in question and the specific requirements of the immigration office. Our laboratory offers strict chain-of-custody procedures in accordance with 9 FAM 42.44 in coordinating and collecting biological samples from individuals in the United States and abroad. Fairfax Identity Laboratories uses a test panel of highly probative tests to report a probability of relationship of 99.9% or greater. Reports can be sent directly to the embassy in the beneficiary’s country, with copies provided to other official agencies and to the petitioner as required.

We are able to assist in all aspects of specimen collection and shipping. Immigration regulations stipulate that your samples must be collected by trained staff members of the testing laboratory. Fairfax Identity Laboratories has an international network of collectors who are trained to collect samples and transport them to our laboratory under strict chain of custody controls. Highly qualified analysts conduct the tests according to well-validated procedures and protocols. For standard cases, results are provided in approximately 7-10 business days from the time that the samples are received by our laboratory. Expedited service is available upon request.

While the actual laboratory work is done within the time frame indicated in most instances, scheduling the sample collection from the beneficiary can sometimes take a long time. It is also possible, though rare, that the standard level of testing used by the lab will be insufficient to reach the level of certainty required by the State Department. In that case, additional testing methods are available and will be used automatically by Fairfax Identity Laboratories at no additional charge. However, if there is a deadline for providing the results of your DNA test for immigration, we advise that you begin the process as early as possible so that the deadline is not missed. Waiting until the last minute to begin the process is strongly discouraged.

Country Information

Fairfax Identity Laboratories assists immigrants from a number of countries. To find a U.S. Embassy local to you or the DNA collection process and procedures, follow the links below.

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