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For Child Support and Other Court Cases

Fairfax Identity Laboratories has been serving the child support community for over 15 years. We will customize the collection of biological samples based on the suspected relationship and on the specific requirements of the requesting individual or agency. We adhere to strict chain-of-custody procedures in the coordination and collection of samples from individuals in the United States and abroad. A sufficiently high number of genetic tests will be performed in order to provide a probability of relationship in excess of 99.9 percent or greater. Reports can be sent directly to the requester and to official agencies, as needed.

  • The typical test includes a mother, child and alleged father
  • Motherless testing is also performed to the same high degree of certainty
  • Testing is available to determine maternity
  • Determination of sibling relationships can be done in unusual circumstances
  • In the absence of the alleged father, we can also test grandparents or relatives