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Paternity and DNA Testing for Families

By use of simple genetic principles, our staff of scientists will analyze cheek swab samples from a child and the questioned parent to determine the likelihood of a parental relationship.  While testing the mother is not absolutely necessary, it can be helpful and is encouraged. Through the examination of well characterized genetic traits, a likelihood of the supposed relationship can be calculated. Various types of parentage tests are available depending on the circumstances of the parties. Any of these testing methods may be useful for immigration, estate inheritance or similar circumstances. Our client support staff may be able to assist you in determining your best option.

We do not accept samples from third-party collectors. Please call to make arrangements to have your sample collected.

Available tests:

  • Absent mother
  • Family studies
  • Deceased parties
  • Multiple alleged fathers who are related
  • Twin zygosity
  • Sibling testing
  • Grandparent testing
  • Family study/reconstruction (to determine paternity when a parent’s DNA is unavailable)
  • Y chromosome testing
  • Grandparentage - grandparents/child
  • Avuncular - aunt/uncle/individual
  • Immigration - individuals/U.S. resident/citizen