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DNA Testing for Immigration

Individuals who establish a proven paternity relationship to their relatives enhance their chances of a successful application for immigration. Identity testing in cases involving immigration may include answering questions of paternity, maternity and sibling relationships. The DNA testing for immigration testing services offered by our laboratory are ideal for individuals applying for immigration.

Fairfax Identity Laboratories customizes the collection of samples based on the relationship in question and the specific requirements of the immigration office. Our laboratory offers strict chain-of-custody procedures in coordinating and collecting samples from individuals in the United States and abroad. A number of highly polymorphic loci are evaluated to report a probability of relationship of 99.9% or greater. Reports can be sent directly to the test requester and official agencies as required.

We do not accept samples from third-party collectors. Please call to make arrangements to have your sample collected.

We offer:

We offer expert, caring family relationship testing services for immigration from the initial test request to results delivery. Our trained staff can help you every step of the way. 

  • AABB accreditation 

  • 7-10 business days turnaround time, with expedited service upon request

  • Assistance in all aspects of specimen collection and shipping

  • Sample collection points throughout the United States and abroad

To order a test:

Order a DNA test for immigration assistance.